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Australia's leading agnostic drone services/solution provider.

Your data acquisition, surveillance, air freight, training and consulting specialist.

Agnostic Drone Fleet Operator

Mobile Response & Training

>150kg Drone Operator

24/7 Operations Center

Is Australia's first and only operator of >150kg drones. With a diverse fleet to meet your unique mission requirements


Company Founders

Thomas Symes

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tom Shot.png
Thomas is the founder of Wedgetail Aerospace. With 5+ Years capital market experience, with extensive knowledge in the technology sector as both an inventor and capital allocator Tom brings a diverse skillset to company projects and commercialisation strategy.


Co-Founder & Partner

Omni Logo_edited.png
Omni is the co-founder of Wedgetail Aerospace. Omni provide high value and high trust solutions to a wide range of Australian government and corporate clients to support the national interest. Omni has been established for >10 years, has a workforce of ~500 with operational facilities in all mainland states.
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